Riomonte Country House, located at 2,400 meters above sea level, is found in El Guarumal, an area 30 km from Quito (old road to Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Km. 41 headed towards Chiriboga). With an approximate extension of 70 acres that include marvelous humid forest, it is intersected by the Saloya River and Sapo River forming beautiful crystalline waterfalls in a variable climate ranging from 15 - 30 degrees centigrade in slopes of pure and clean water. No need to worry about maintaining the region in its natural state since the fauna and flora of this tourist paradise is protected under the permanent Forest Registration No. 003, Volume I, Sheet 001, of the Department of the Environment.

To arrive at the country house head south on Ave. Occidental, by the Ave. Mariscal Sucre to the Plaza de Chillogallo, then to the Plaza Artigas bus terminal - Chillogallo, then on the road to Chiriboga that passes the town of San Juan. The farm is found 5 km after the Estación del Corazón de Petrocomercial gas station, 10 km before the town of Chiriboga. Door-to-door van transportation is available from the van company office located at Poland N31-81 and Vancouver, directly to the country house. In addition any type of vehicles for unpaved roads can be used to get to Riomonte. Furthermore there is public transportation from the "Tourismo" Bus Company with several weekday routes, and one weekend route leaving at 8h00 and returning at 14h00. This highway has a marvelous ecological environment and constitutes an additional attraction for visitors. The distance from Chillogallo to the country house is 30 Km., taking 1H30 minutes approximately.