Tourist Packages

Visit with Lodging - Riomonte Country House, offers tourists an incredible deal by providing comfortable cabins at a affordable rate, per person, including breakfast. Also finca Riomonte offers food service Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Children from ages 6 years and under only pay for their consumption. In the large and small parlor lodging which includes breakfast, we also have a special area for camping.

Visit without Lodging - At Riomonte Country House we also take into consideration tourists that wish to visit us without lodging, those that do not stay overnight, but want to enjoy lunch or dinner paying only for their consumption and other paid activities.

Guided Excursions - The Riomonte Country House also offers guided excursions to the slopes, waterfalls and rivers, and to the humid virgin forest, already included in the price of lodging. Tourists who do not stay overnight will be charged for their consumption and activities.

• Welcome cocktail
• Lodging in cabins
• High and low viewpoints
• Indoor Soccer field and volleyball court
• Guided tours

• Transportation Quito
• Country House - Quito
• Laundry
• Liquor
• Sports trout fishing
• Horseback riding

** Special pricing for groups**