Natural Context

Main Forest - The main humid forest, with approximately 70 acres, is crossed by an ecological path that leads towards eight waterfalls and to the main natural forest. It is permanently protected, making sure that nature and the environment is preserved.

Ecological path – Made up of an extension of 2 km to admire the optimum, natural beauty of the great variety of birds (bird watchers), butterflies and wild animals.

Rivers and Waterfalls - The property is demarcated on the east by of the Saloya River, abundant with trout, and to the north by the Sapo River that originates from the mountain, giving it the additional privileged attraction of the waterfalls, including unique beauty of a 30 meter high waterfall. The Saloya River located at the foot of the cabins offers a pool of peace and stillness to ours visitors.

Slopes - The country house has two natural slopes located in the mountain, which in addition to being a tourist attraction provides fresh water.

Flora and Fauna – The attractions of the country house are made up of the surrounding rivers Saloya and Sapo, the waterfalls, the slopes, the main humid forest and the marvelous environment surrounded by flora such as: orchids, mushrooms, sarsaparilla and tall trees like: blood of drago trees, pine trees, fig trees, oak trees, etc., besides the fauna in its natural habitat roaming free and wild and consisting of: Andes bears, pumas, wild chicken, hares, mallards, etc. There is also a great variety of exotic birds, nocturnal fireflies, diurnal and nocturnal butterflies and trout in the river ready to be caught and eaten.

Mountainous Main Forest – Ecuador possesses a great assortment of flora and fauna, being the third country with the greatest variety of birds and with the greatest diversity of orchids of the world. This great diversity is due chiefly to the different bio-climates of the country. The country house is located in the cloudy mountainous forest at 2400 meters on the northwestern foothills of the mountain range. It is made up chiefly by primary forest, which favors its high biodiversity. This ecosystem harbors beautiful multicolored orchids, finding them in different strata of the forest, from the ground to the highest trees. There are also trees recognized by their medicinal use found here such as trumpetwoods, palm tree, and bamboo. This spatial configuration of the vegetation gave as a result a great diversity of birds, ranging from smallest ones known as the Quindes, basket makers, Reinitas, Soterreyes to the most corpulent birds known as the multicolored Tangaras. Magpies, Woodpeckers, Toucans, Titmouse and the incomparable Little Rooster of the Rock are also located here. In order to enjoy the wealth of Riomonte and be amazed with the songs of the 90 different bird species found on the country house there are ecological paths that they will give you the opportunity to observe beautiful birds, orchids, waterfalls and presence the magnificent view of the forest and its environment.